ImageIt’s funny how we put so much emphasis on the starting of a new year, as if it is literally a new chapter in our lives…as if January 1st is somehow a remarkably different kind of day from December 31st. There is some sort of intangible excitement that comes with the turning of the clock at midnight on New Year’s eve that is electric. It is, in fact, just the reason that everyone has been waiting for to start again. A new year, a new beginning. A chance for new habits and new goals that may yet be attained. A chance for anything to happen.

I am a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. Every January I declare that I will exercise more and eat healthier, and I generally do alright. But by the end of the year, I am anxious for the opportunity to start again – to begin my endeavor for life changes once more. I love New Year’s resolutions. I love that they give people hope and that they are a statement of people’s honest intentions and deepest desires. Whether or not they manifest themselves as reality isn’t really the point. It’s the hope, the thought of something better, and the opportunity for change that is there if one has the discipline to embrace it.

Cheers to a beautiful 2014! May all your resolutions become your reality!

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