Rookie Mistakes

Rookie mistake: hiking 12 miles up a mountain to a glacier in jeans and a flimsy cotton sweater.

Rookie mistake: hiking 12 miles to and from a glacier in jeans and a flimsy cotton sweater.

Any time you start a new hobby or try a new activity, you, my friend, are a rookie. Making mistakes comes with the territory. In fact, I can guarantee that when trying something new, you are almost certainly going to mess up or do something stupid at some point, [like leaving all of your soaking wet fly-fishing gear in a plastic tote over the winter and forgetting to hang it out to dry so that when you pull it out in the spring, it is all moldy, or having a perfect shot of a yellow-bellied marmot in Yellowstone, mere feet away from you and forgetting to take the lens cap off of your camera…yep].  And that’s ok. We’ve all been there, and the good part is, mistakes help us to grow and to improve ourselves. Yes, it can be embarrassing at times, and no, nobody wants to look like they don’t know what they are doing, especially in front of people who are no longer in the rookie phase. But, as sure-footed, skilled, and cool as some people come across as, they started out as a rookie too. And there are surely things that you do better than they do. So, when trying a new activity, embrace your rookie-ness! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to give it your all. Have fun with it, learn from it, and let your mistakes and experiences help you to grow. You will be scaling that ice wall, surfing that big wave, and reeling in giant brook trout by the dozens in no time.

3 thoughts on “Rookie Mistakes

  1. Lone Stranger says:

    Trying new stuff is always an adventure so it is a good idea to toss something new into the mix just to keep things exciting. Embracing your rookie-ness as you put it can actually be very beneficial. Folks more experienced often hesitate to offer advice, but if you are open about your inexperience and comfortable with it they will often bend over backwards to help you get started.

    I know I clicked that button up there but I’ll say it again…I like this post! Some folks would rather fall off a mountain than admit they don’t know what they are doing in a literal case of pride going before a fall. Being honest with others and yourself about your lack of experience is just being smart.

    • Wild Writes says:

      So true! Being honest and open about where you are at when learning a new sport or trying a new hobby is not only important mentally – it is also important for your physical well-being! Thanks for your insightful response.

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